My kind of day!

Today is rainy and gloomy and we have nowhere to be.  This morning I slept in a little (never, ever enough) and was able to have coffee alone before the kids woke up. That right there is a win.

Then we ran some very quick errands and have been relaxing ever since.  I do have some chores to do, but the world won’t come to an end if I skip them today. So I have knit a little (and taught my exchange student, F how to start a ruffle yarn scarf), read a little, made some bread, surfed a little and now I’m drinking some wine.  I’m happy with all my food choices so far today too.  I think after dinner we’ll either watch Buffy or Vampire Diaries.

I really like days like this.

ruffle yarn

I have also clarified some goals for the month:

  • NO credit cards at all unless there is an actual emergency.
  • Stick with my calorie counting and no-fast-food resolutions (and get my ass to the Y and TKD classes!!!)
  • Try to keep my grocery budget around $100/week. More on that mess later.
  • Complete at least one crafty project.

That’s all pretty reasonable, I think!

I am participating in the NaBloPoMo challenge for January and posting every day this month. However, I have never been a consistent blogger so most of my posts are probably going to read as more a journal entry than a useful bit of information for your life.  I think that’s OK, because my purpose right now is to get into the habit of writing every day.  It gets easier as time goes by, I imagine, and my style will get more defined. I just thought I’d mention that, since right now I might seem to be rambling a bit. 🙂