First day back to reality

I take my vacation at the same time every year. I’m off from right before Christmas more or less through January 2. And I swear every year I walk back into work and it’s like I never left . Today was tough because of the timing – there was NO traffic downtown, it was like everyone was taking off but me. And the sky was cloudy – followed by rain in the afternoon.  Ouch.

At any rate, I did OK with food but totally bailed on going to the Y.  F (exchange student) was watching the boys since aftercare was closed and I just didn’t feel right going to work out while she was babysitting.  I know that sounds like a total excuse, but… oh well!

I forgot to mention one of our big resolutions – no fast food for an entire year!  For the purposes of the resolution, I am counting fast food as anything with a drive thru, pizza and delivery.  We can go to sit-down restaurants on occasion, though.  This will save money and help in the goal for healthier food.  I got buy-in from the boys by telling them that if we make it a year without fast food, I’ll buy them an X-box. The savings should MORE than pay for one.

However to make this pledge/resolution work – I need to have not just menus planned but also a few back up meals on hand.  Sometimes I am just too wiped out to even cook what I planned, so I need a few easy ideas up my sleeve for those nights.  So far, so good, though and we’ve made it since December 22 without any convenience foods!

I’m going to spend some time this weekend mapping out 3-4 backup food plans to keep on hand that work within my own food goals. Pasta is so easy but doesn’t really help me in the weight loss realm.

3 thoughts on “First day back to reality”

  1. No fast food for a year would kill me (and my daughter’s family). Even no fast food for a month would do that!

    You might try to find a site online that will explain a way to make/prepare your meals for an entire month in one day. I know people that do that. They buy in bulk to save money then one day when they’re off work, they cook different meats different ways (for example boiling, broiling, grilling, etc.) and freeze them. That way when they go off to work, they can leave the package out to defrost and it will be ready to add to a side dish or some other filler for a meal. You can even make casseroles and freeze them ahead of time. If you check it out, I’m sure you could figure it out. It might take you a month to research, plan, make a shopping list, and do the prep, but it would be worth it, I think. Good luck!

    1. Corina, thank you for the link! I’ve looked at those sites before but haven’t worked up my nerve to try it yet. Plus I’m worried about storage space. I think it would be wonderful and I will probably do it once I get a little freezer.
      So far so good on the fast food! My wallet seems much happier and my kids are still motivated. 🙂

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