A strategy for my weight loss project

Or at least a working strategy for the month of January.

I’m an accountant/software consultant and January is typically my roughest month at work – worse than even March and April. If I can make a strategy that works this month – a month in which I could happily order a pizza every night and mainline chocolate – then it should be pretty reasonable for the other 11 months.

I tend somewhere between Paleo and Nourishing Traditions for my ideal template, although I have a tough time getting there.  I love the idea of mainly meat and veggies along with some cheese (duh), occasional legumes and sourdough and white potatoes/rice a couple times a week.  I’d like to avoid packaged/processed foods and most sugar and bread.  I do like my red wine, so that will stay. Sorry/not sorry.

I struggle with a lack of planning, so my downfall is that I totally space out and order take out after a rough day.  I am going to focus on planning my meals and making sure I have everything for the meals plus one or two emergency meals that fit within my template.  I’ll try to share my daily meals here starting  January 1 and also recap how well the plans worked.  I have been shopping on Friday but have decided Wednesday might work better going forward.

I’m going to log calories on My Fitness Pal, at least until I get into a groove with portions and servings.  I am aiming for about 1650 calories a day with macros of about 30 carb/30 protein/40 fat.

As for fitness – I have 2 loves that I have slacked on for the last 6 weeks. I am a level 2 green belt in Taekwondo and will head back to class with my kids starting Monday. I’d like to attend class 2x a week with an eye toward testing for level 3 green in February.  I love weight training too – I plan to hit the Y 2-3 times a week in January. For now I’ll do the machines which are better than nothing, and finish reading Starting Strength so I can move to barbell training within a month or two.

OK – that’s what I’ve got!  I think I’m happy with the plan, it’s specific and doable.  I have  my menu for the week starting Thursday mapped out and I’ll go shopping tomorrow. I have almost all the crap out of the house… OH! I did decide once a week I can have something totally yummy and unhealthy (like birthday cake, or leftover frozen peppermint cheesecake or…. )

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