How I cut the cord

That is, how I got rid of cable for once and for all.

I’ve been thinking about doing this for ages and finally got up the nerve. I don’t know why I waited so long, the company I’ve been using has awful customer service!

I got fiber optic internet, which is $30 cheaper and 10-20x faster. No kidding.  As soon as it was installed, I called and cancelled my cable TV/internet plan.

Mom gave me a Roku for my birthday – it streams Netflix and Amazon (like the Wii) but offers tons more cool stuff as well.  It’s a tiny device and connects with an optional HDMI cable for high-def.  I haven’t even been able to play with it yet, because my children are obsessed  with it.

Then I got an $8 antenna.  Yes, antenna, just like the old days.  You can get cool, flat ones that you paint to blend in with your decor, but my research indicated that the cheaper option would work as well as the fancy ones in my case. I have no shame, it’s on my window sill for all the world to see! This gives me my network shows at no additional cost.  You plug it in to the same connector that the cable TV uses. After I set it up I scanned and found 24 digital channels. The picture is better with the antenna than it was with my old cable box.

I’m so glad I did this!!! My total monthly expense is now $58 for fiber optic + $9 for netflix. I don’t count the Amazon Prime because I would have that no matter what.

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