Journaling My Christmas 2013

One of my favorite Christmas traditions is journaling my Christmas.  I started this when Alexander was about to turn 2 and I was pregnant with Ian. Some years I do better than others – last year I didn’t manage to journal at all. 🙁

I follow the prompts from Shimelle’s blog – Journal  Your Christmas 2013  Every  year she offers a daily prompt for journaling/scrapbooking/photography – whatever your medium of choice might be. Once you sign up for the class, you are subscribed for life.  That takes the pressure off – if you miss a year you know you can always try again next year!  The prompts run from December 1 through January 6 (12th night)

Some years I scrapbook – 1 year I tried digital scrapbooking.  This year I know how busy I will be so I am going to pop up a blog post a day and try to grab and post a picture or three a day.


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