Journaling My Christmas {Day 2}

060I remember the Christmas season being some how colder, crisper and brighter than it is today. Well, it’s stillcold a lot of the time (I don’t believe in global warming) but something seemed more vivid – the night stars were bright – cookies were cookier… huh?  I remember getting dressed to go to a party at my school, and how much I loved my lacy/velvet 70s dress.  Was it velvet?   I probably had white tights and Mary Janes because that’s how we rolled.  I remember cookies with those little silver beads on them – what are those called?

Somehow the smells seemed unique to the time – the scent of a fireplace fire (which I’d love to have now), maybe hot apple cider or simmering spices.  Frankincense and myrrh.

Funny how our mind can do a good job at remembering the fleeting details – the smells, the texture of the cookies and the feel of the cold night air, but the specifics are long gone.  Maybe it’s the impressions and feelings that matter for the long run.

(The picture above is a note that Ian left under the tree for Santa.)


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